Software Integration
In the process of development, the company is constantly developing its own information system, often acquiring and implementing software from various manufacturers. As a result, the company's infrastructure is not a single system, but a set of heterogeneous programs. The desire to connect them together and make them work effectively creates the need to integrate all applications into a single system.
Integration of corporate applications into a single information space gives an organization the following benefits:
Combining various systems based on a universal data exchange format
Increasing the efficiency of the customer's information subsystems
Reducing the total cost of ownership of the information system
Reducing the cost of development and support of integration processes
Reducing the cost of integrating an ERP system (such as SAP, Oracle EBS, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.) with other software (such as electronic document management systems) into a single information system
Reducing the cost of developing integration components (adapters, converters)
We offer a set of integration services for the implementation of software, providing a "seamless" integration of various software applications and subsystems into a single information system.
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